Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Effective April 21, 2014



In order to preserve its reputation for maintaining product value and worth, Izen Consulting, Inc. (IZEN) is unilaterally instituting a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. The IZEN MAP policy is an agreement between IZEN and all authorized dealers and vendors (hereby referred to as "Vendors") to maintain the value and worth of our products. This policy covers all IZEN products (including the ProShaker) and applies to all distributors, advertisers, retailers, sellers and resellers. This policy is effective as of the Effective Date set forth above.


This policy does not establish a maximum advertised price and Vendors are free to establish their own independent resale prices for IZEN products as long as it equals or exceeds the minimum price set forth in this agreement.


How To Conform to the Policy

To ensure fair pricing, Vendors agree not to sell or advertise any IZEN products at a price lower than IZEN's current retail price as presented on (currently $99.99). This agreement shall include—but not be limited to—price lists, newspaper and magazine ads, catalogs, flyers, direct mail, signs, billboards, banners, festival events, pamphlets, inserts, shows, conventions and user groups. This also includes any and all forms of electronic media: radio, TV, facsimiles, website, shopping search engines, online banners, and email campaigns.